Grow HERE Campaign

In response to the workforce challenges that businesses have been facing, the Waukesha County Center for Growth is partnering with the Milwaukee7’s Talent Partnership to promote the GROW HERE campaign. The campaign aims to retain the next generation of skilled workers in the Greater Milwaukee area. This initiative will continue to connect educational intuitions with local businesses to increase the number of career-based learning experiences to drive young people into the in-demand careers in our region.

Career-based learning experiences have proven to enhance students’ knowledge of today’s career landscape. The GROW HERE campaign is using a web-based platform known as Inspire Southeast Wisconsin, a powerful tool allowing businesses to connect with their future workforce in a safe and efficient way. Businesses can post profiles for students to browse though and learn about possible career opportunities in their area of interest. Businesses can also offer internships, job shadowing, tours or career mentoring as part of their profile. More than 40,000 students in southeast Wisconsin currently have access to Inspire and the number continues to grow.

Schools are trying to prepare their students for the real world, but they need your help. Give back to your community by helping our youth reach their full career potential. Are you ready to be part of the solution? Enroll your company today!