Existing Business

Our no-cost bu­siness consultants will work with you to:

Obtain financing for growth

  • Develop financial projections
    • Sources and uses of funds statement
    • Income and cash flow statements
    • Projected balance sheets
    • Supporting schedules (revenue, cost of goods sold, staffing, loan amortization)
  • Review and evaluate what you use financing for and how much you need
  • Review and evaluate your sales and cost assumptions
  • Review and evaluate your cash flow projections
  • Explore your financing options
  • Evaluate your financing options and structure
  • Help you prepare for discussions with a lender

Increase Sales

  • Review and improve your internet and digital marketing.
  • Review your sales and distribution strategy
  • Review your e-commerce strategy
  • Define and understand your customers and their unmet need
  • Develop or review your value propositions
  • Define and develop your competitive advantage
  • Improve your sales management and pipeline management processes
  • Identify opportunities to increase sales to your existing customers
  • Identify new customers to sell to

Develop your products, services and markets

  • Review your value propositions and target markets
  • Identify opportunities to provide additional products or services that your target market values and needs
  • Identify new market opportunities that leverage your current capabilities
  • Evaluate a new business opportunity
  • Develop a better understanding of your competitors
  • Develop a pricing strategy for a new product, service or market
  • Evaluate and expand your distribution channels

Improve your cash flow and financial management

  • Make financial comparisons to similar sized companies in you industry
  • Review and evaluate your cash flow
  • Analyze your business costs, volume, pricing, and profitability
  • Make specific recommendations to improve your financial management of the business

Improve your operational and management effectiveness

  • Develop productivity improvement initiatives
  • Evaluate your cost reduction strategies
  • Evaluate your use of technology
  • (Coming soon) Assess your cyber-security and make recommendations for improvement
  • Transform your business knowledge and knowhow into organized business systems to increase your company’s value

Improve your employee recruitment, engagement and retention

  • Review how you hire and manage employees
  • Develop recruitment marketing strategies and tactics
  • Evaluate your employee retention strategies
  • Connect you with resources to help address workforce recruitment and retention issues

Identify suitable commercial real estate for your business

  • Provide detailed reports on sites and properties available for lease or sale
  • Provide assistance to view sites and properties identified