Talent Pipeline

Building the Next Generation

Through our invaluable partnership with the Waukesha County Business Alliance, the Center for Growth provides innovative and customized talent pipeline solutions to help businesses address their workforce challenges. Programs like Schools2Skills™ expose middle and high school students to career pathways in our driver industries. We also have cultivated strong relationships with institutions of higher education across the region and the state. Because of this work, we are able to facilitate meaningful conversations between employers and educational institutions to ensure businesses’ workforce development needs are met.


Industry Tours

More than 9,000 students have participated in Schools2Skills™ since 2011, making it a state-wide best practice. The program is designed to expose middle and high school students to manufacturing through behind-the-scenes tours. This exposure allows students to see career opportunities available in our region.


Industry Expos

In partnership with the Waukesha County Business Alliance, we host hands-on expos for K-12 students to meet local employers and participate in interactive demonstrations of career pathways. Our two primary expos include Experience the Trades in Waukesha County and Discover the Future of Healthcare.


Education Connections

We foster connections between the business community and educational institutions by offering programming to align future talent with the needs of business. One example is Careers Uncovered™ which allows educators to visit a local company to better understand the career pathways available to the students.

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