Finance & Incentive Programs

Tailored Opportunities

The Center for Growth is here to help your business access capital to support your growth. We work with your business to develop financial packages tailored to the needs of your project, from Main Street retail to the largest corporate office and industrial projects.

We have a gap financing tool, the GROW Fund, to assist businesses and workforce housing projects. Additionally, we can help you navigate local, state, and federal loan and incentive programs to meet your needs. We can also introduce your business to our robust network of banking and finance partners.


Exceeding $11 million, the GROW Fund is an economic development fund which supports business expansion and innovative housing solutions in Waukesha County. The Generating Resources and Opportunity in Waukesha County (GROW) Fund was created by the Waukesha County Center for Growth to give businesses access to financial resources, while allowing contributing banks to meet federal lending guidelines. 

The GROW Fund seeks to compliment lead lenders and other programs in a total financial structure, sharing the risk with all participants in the project. The fund offers:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fixed rate availability
  • Flexible amortization to match project terms
  • Gap financing during construction, expansion or on equipment
  • Support

    attraction, creation, retention and expansion of existing businesses.

  • Promote

    business opportunities that drive regional economic growth.

  • Encourage

    business development that supports job creation and retention.

  • Raise

    personal income by providing opportunities for employee growth.

GROW Fund Contributors

Managed by the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation, founding members of the fund include Bank Five Nine, BMO Harris Bank, Johnson Bank and Town Bank. In 2023, Waukesha County contributed a historic $4.5 million to the fund, and in 2024 contributed another $4.5 million.

The Center for Growth is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. This status is important for businesses and foundations to leverage the tax benefits of contributing to the Center for Growth and the GROW Fund – not only to support other business growth, but to support the vitality of local communities as a whole.

Waukesha County

State Incentives

Through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Wisconsin offers a range of programs that provide financial and technical assistance to companies looking to start and grow their operations in the state. 

  • Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit - This credit is available to individuals and entities for income derived from manufacturing or agricultural property located in Wisconsin and will offset a significant share of Wisconsin income taxes. The credit amounts to 7.5 percent of “eligible qualified production activities income,” resulting in an effective corporate tax rate of 0.4 percent.
  • Business Development Tax Credits - These credits are available for businesses planning to move to and hire workers in Wisconsin. The credits are based on the creation or retention of full-time jobs, depending upon the wage range and number of jobs to be created.
  • Training Grants - Grants are available to businesses that want to upgrade or improve the job-related skills of their full-time employees.

Interested in being a contributing partner to the GROW Fund?