Center for Growth Announces $4.5 Million Commitment to GROW Fund by Waukesha County

The Center for Growth is proud to announce another unprecedented $4.5 million commitment by Waukesha County to the GROW Fund.

Established in 2019, the GROW Fund was created to provide access to financial resources to enable business expansion and attraction. The GROW Fund assists businesses essential to the economic development of Waukesha County including manufacturing, service, and other commercial establishments looking to expand operations or invest in new operations in the county. It also benefits developers with projects that improve available housing stock to meet the housing needs of existing and projected workforce growth.

“The impact of Waukesha County’s contribution to the GROW Fund will be seen for years to come,” states Waukesha County Center for Growth Executive Director Therese Thill. “An investment of this magnitude truly supports the Center for Growth’s mission to connect businesses with the resources they need to grow in Waukesha County.”

“The County remains steadfast in its commitment to helping businesses discover and expand in Waukesha County,” states Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow. “As I said last year, we have to keep our foot on the accelerator to remain competitive and this investment is just one example of how we’re accomplishing that.”

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