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Looking to connect with Foxconn? Connect with Tim Casey at the Waukesha County Center for Growth to get plugged in.

Tim Casey
Director, Economic Development – Waukesha County Center for Growth, Inc.

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Here are some additional resources:
This is the main portal where ALL links and information are available.
Register to be included in the M+W/Gilbane bid notification related to construction opportunities.
Register for general news and project updates, including public infrastructure bid notifications.
Register for supply chain opportunities across the state for suppliers and buyers in key industries, including Foxconn. The Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace directory provides companies like Foxconn with a convenient avenue to find Wisconsin suppliers. Similarly, the Marketplace offers suppliers a dynamic platform to get their information out to a broader customer base. Suppliers in the Marketplace get access to RFPs, RFQs and CFIs with an opportunity to respond to the requests and access new markets. Best of all, it’s free!

What should a manufacturing company do if it’s interested in being a supplier to Foxconn?
Register at This is the website the state is using to gather information on potential suppliers, for Foxconn and others. In addition to the 10 industry clusters, companies can specifically identify their interest in being a supplier to Foxconn. Also, share your contact information with Tim Casey at the Waukesha County Center for Growth.

What should a construction company do if it’s interested in bidding on Foxconn construction work?
Visit and register your information to be shared with Gilbane Building Company and M + W Group. Construction work will include both union and non-union.

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