Internships are a valuable way for students to turn classroom knowledge into practical skills to gain work experience. This is a great way for businesses to skill up the incoming workforce to meet today’s demand. Businesses can funnel their talent pipeline while students get hands-on training in their desired field.

Internships can be hosted at all levels; some might count towards course credit or some may have an hourly wage. Hosting internships for all levels of students can help open the doors to a successful career pathway. Traditionally, this work/learning arrangement is overseen by a staff member of an educational institution and an employee of an organization. Internships usually last the duration of an academic term and may be part-time or full-time.

With today’s workforce demand issues, internships are also being built into programs at local high schools. These students can get a head start on employability skills and on-the-job training before they graduate high school. Students who experience these opportunities are better prepared for the next step, whether it be higher education or starting their career.

Are you interested in hosting an internship at your company? Use our checklist below and contact Robyn Ludtke, Vice President of Talent Development, at 262.409.2641 for more information for your next step.


-Establish your need (What type of internship are you looking to host?)

-Write out your internship program (How would you describe your internship?)

-Find your interns (Where will you recruit your interns from?)

-On-board your interns (When do you want to host your interns?)

When you are ready to post your internship visit is a website from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development that connects students to internships and employers to talent. This online portal serves as another resource from the state in partnership with JobCenter of Wisconsin.