Financial Assistance for Training

We can help you identify available funding to cover a portion of your training costs. For example, we work with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to promote Wisconsin Fast Forward Grants and we work with Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington (WOW) Workforce Development to promote On the Job Training funds.

– Wisconsin Fast Forward (WFF) is a grant program established through the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to help businesses develop, attract and retain workers. WWF hosts over 20 million in grant funds to support more than 200 worker training programs which can benefit over hundreds of employers. Applications run on a quarterly basis each year. (Link to

– On the Job Training funds are available when working with the WOW Workforce Development Board. These funds are available to provide training wage reimbursements to employers who hire employees with the aptitude and ability to do a specific job but who may not have previous on-the-job experience in that occupation or industry.

Contact Robyn Ludtke, Vice President of Talent Development, at 262.409.2641 for more information.