Explosive growth in Brookfield

Milwaukee Tool
Size of addition: 114,000 sq ft
Capital expenditure: $32 million
Expected job creation: 350

Milwaukee Tool has seen significant growth at its headquarters in Brookfield over the last several years. The company completed construction of a new four-story office building on Lisbon Road and occupied it in fall of 2017. As that project was being completed, Milwaukee Tool indicated the need for additional facilities to accommodate continued growth.

The Waukesha County Center for Growth worked with the City of Brookfield, Milwaukee 7, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and other partners on a package of assistance for a new three-story facility across Lisbon Road, focused heavily on research and development.

The City of Brookfield proposed and approved an amendment to the existing TIF (tax increment financing) district to support the new project, while WEDC approved $8,000,000 in business tax credits toward the project. The Center for Growth worked with all parties to develop detailed plans, arrange tours of the facilities for local officials and obtain the necessary approvals.

Many of the 350 jobs projected to be added are in engineering, product development and testing and other highly-skilled positions with salaries averaging $75,000 per year. Milwaukee Tool has added 1,000 jobs in Brookfield in the last seven years and is poised for continued growth. The Center for Growth and Waukesha County Business Alliance are working with Milwaukee Tool on a number of initiatives to interest young people in career opportunities and to attract the next generation of workforce to our area.

“We are proud to partner with the Waukesha County Center for Growth to grow our world-class work environment here in Wisconsin so we can attract, retain, and recruit the best talent in the world.” – Ty Staviski, CFO of Milwaukee Tool

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